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Environmental Education For School Groups


One of the best classrooms is the great outdoors!  That's why we welcome school groups to

Buffalo Mountain during the fall and spring months.  Our Environmental Education Program provides 1st to 6th graders with a better understanding of geology and wildlife and what our role is in it.  Classes are created around a hands on experience and kids are always surprised how much fun they can have while learning!


We can customize your field trip with various classes for a day trip or even a half week outing.  Take a look at the following prices and class options and call the camp office for more information.

*** Contact us today to schedule your school's EE! ***

EE Application

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 Day Outing

 3 hours - $6.00 per student

 4 1/2 hours - $7.00 per student

 6 hours - $8.50 per student

 (Note: This outing requires students to bring their own lunch.)


 Half-Week Program

 Three days and two nights at camp  which includes: seven meals, four half-day activity periods,two night programs, and snacks.  Call the camp office for cost.


Adventure Add-On

With the addition of the new King Climbing Tower featuring a 400 zip line and low rope group initiatives area, 6th grade students and up can participate in a half-day challenge course program.  The maximum number of participants is 30 for a half-day session (9:00 am 2:00 pm). This includes a break for lunch.  Cost: $15 per student





Available Classes


Waterfall Hike

Explore the Ramsey Creek Watershed by hiking on an old logging trail that winds over creeks, by the camp waterhole and the base of 20 foot waterfall.  During the hike, nature activities take place to help students experience the plants and wildlife of the mountain.  The trail is rugged in spots, however a modified hike is available upon request.


Stream Ecology

Bring an old pair of shoes and plan to get a little wet while students learn how precious water is and the importance of conservation.  Learn how to the quality of a stream by examining its macroinvertebrate population.  By using nets and charts, students will crayfish, water pennies, mayfly larvae, and more.  It's great fun.  And don't worry, all discovered critters will safely return to their natural habitat.



A chance to meet our resident reptile - Conrad, the seven foot Asian rat snake.  Students will have the opportunity to pet the snake and ask all sorts of questions.  But don't worry if you are not a snake lover.  You can watch from a distance.  During this time, we will also look at some nature artifacts.


Outpost Hike

Discover what makes a mountain and a watershed firsthand by hiking the entire loop of camp.  Students will venture down an old logging trail, by the waterfall, across Ramsey Creek several times, up to the mountain ridge to lookout point, and play awareness games along the way.


Creek Walking

During warm weather, students can bring an extra pair of shorts or a bathing suit and walk through Ramsey Creek to discover waterfalls, paint rocks and Rhododendron boats.  But make sure you bring a change of clothes and dry shoes!



This a great time for students to use their hands to create some interesting crafts which include: making hand-dipped candles, shaking cream into butter by using a baby food jar, creating collages, tie-dying a t-shirt, and create wax or play dough animal tracks.


Ice Cream in a Bag

A favorite activity for younger students, this is homemade ice cream fun.  Each student is given their own "magic" ice cream making bag and then told to shake, shake, shake to make delicious ice cream.


Games, Games, and More Games

A wonderful time for students to play all sorts of group building games which vary according to age.  Games include: parachute play, elbow tag, group juggle, the blob, fruit basket turnover, octopus tag, and killer wink to name a few.


Canoeing and Minnowing on the Lake (available for third graders and older)

Spend some time on our lake learning how to paddle in a canoe or a sit-on-top kayak.  Then learn some maneuvers and boat safety.


Team Building Games (available for fourth graders and older)

Watch teamwork develop as your school group faces various challenges together.  Students will learn hoe to like a "Willow in the Wind", work together to accomplish "Line-Ups", experience the "All Aboard Platform" or the "Big Foot Trolley".


Archery (available for fourth graders and older)

Certified instructors will challenge students to focus and use their entire body and mind in order to shoot arrow at the foam target while focusing on safety and group participation.


Additional activities include: wildflower walks, camp songs, and campfire and s'mores.






Buffalo Mountain Camp is an outreach of the

Holston Conference Camp and Retreat Ministries and is accredited through the American Camp Association.